Where: Boudnib, Morocco


Summer 2018:  – June 17 to July 02

                             – July 03 to July 17

                              – July 18 to August 01

                             – August 02 to August 16

                             – August 17 to August 31


Boudnib is surrounded by a number of ksars, or small villages.  Planned projects may include constructing a tire playground, planting trees, aiding in the reconstruction of homes that have fallen due to heavy rains and flooding, painting schools and public area clean-up in addition to constructing and installing public trashcans where there currently are none.  Volunteers will help with prepared projects and then have the opportunity to work together to actively plan and implement a unique volunteer project of their own.  Volunteers will use their individual skills and passions to organize and implement a day camp for youth in nearby ksar which will occur the last two days of their time in Boudnib.  Activities could include art, sports, games and relays, international culture, music, health education, or any number of possibilities.  Sahara Service Organization aims to equip our volunteers with practical skills and experience that will aid and prepare them to assume leadership roles and actively pursue positive change in their home communities.

Cultural Activities:

Cultural exchange and learning form the second pillar of the mission of SSO.  Crash-course language lessons in the local dialect as well as Moroccan history and culture will be taught most afternoons by our able staff.  Volunteers will experience the best the region has to offer including options of Moroccan cooking lessons, a henna party and trip to the hammam (you have never felt so clean!), beautiful hikes and nomad picnics where volunteers can drink Moroccan whiskey (tea) and feast on fresh, all-natural Berber pizza cooked to perfection in a mud oven or in the ashes of a campfire.  Included in the price is a trip to the nearby Merzouga, home of the famous Erg Chebbi sand dunes.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to go sandboarding, cruise the dunes in a 4×4, ride camels into the sunset and sleep under the stars to the tranquil tunes of Berber music.

Safety and Lodging:

The capable staff of SSO are dedicated to the safety and comfort of our volunteers.  Each host family, activity location, and volunteer project has been carefully selected and evaluated to ensure the security and well-being of our volunteers.  Volunteers will be placed with another volunteer of the same gender with carefully selected host families and are guaranteed a private room.  We encourage volunteers to stay with host families to enable better cultural immersion and understanding on the part of volunteers as well as a means to further assist the local community as one hundred percent of the volunteer cost for room and board is thereby recycled back into the community.  However, if a volunteer indicates in their application that they are uncomfortable with staying with a host family, SSO will work with the volunteer to make other arrangements.  When in site, volunteers and staff will eat some meals as a group on a rotating basis with volunteer host-families and others will be served by the individual volunteer’s host family.

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